SCIM Stream

SCIM Stream is the contemporary solution that redefines user provisioning by replacing traditional IGA top-down processing with cutting-edge message subscription capabilities. Clients can now subscribe to real-time messages, allowing for dynamic and automated provisioning, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.


PlugSSO gives access control through secure Single Sign-On allowing users to sign on once using one set of credentials, giving them one-click access to all your web applications from anywhere.

You may have heard of products like Ping, Okta, SiteMinder,…?
Well, it’s time for lightweight microservices: PlugSSO

SCIM Gateway

With SCIM Gateway, user management is facilitated through the utilization of the REST-based SCIM 1.1 or 2.0 protocol. The Gateway acts as a translator for incoming SCIM requests, seamlessly enabling the exposure of CRUD functionality (create, read, update, and delete user/group) towards destinations. This is achieved through the implementation of endpoint-specific protocols, ensuring precise and efficient provisioning with diverse endpoints.